Statement Regarding the Violent White Supremacist Protests in Charlottesville, Virginia
Stand Up Republic

I voted for you last year, knowing little about you actual policies. I voted mostly as a protest against Hillary. I did not vote for candidate Trump, because it would have been a futile vote in my very small Conservative alcove of this very Liberal state. And, at that time, I did not think he would make a great president. But I was wrong.

And now that I have had time to read more your opinions, I find myself also disagreeing with them. Your passage above is one of those opinions.

To me you are just voicing a Liberal reaction to the news in the street. As a Conservative I have to stand behind the Alt-Right and even the Neo-Nazis in their right to put on a peaceful demonstration. Mind you I would never support them, their goals or their opinions.!!! But I must support their Right to Free Speech. I also support their right to peaceful Assembly. I do support their right to hold a rally. If I have heard it correctly these “despicable” groups did posses a legal parade permit in Charlottesville.

However it “Takes Two To Tango”. The “anti” people who were there came without a parade permit. They did not have any legal authority to oppose the marchers. Their level of venom against the Alt-Right matched or even exceeded the marchers. Fists were flying in both directions. I could not tell by watching which side were the real AGGRESSORS.

If you don’t believe that, watch the videos. They could have stood back and voiced their own opinion, or they could have turned their backs to the Nazi “Oppressors”. Or they could have stayed off that street and by their absence left the Media with no story to tell. But when they as outsiders, of any political bent, stepped into the area “permitted” for the parade they were (apparently) in violation of a law, a law meant to provide for public safety.

THAT, my dear political genius, is why President Trump’s first response was right on the mark. There was a “Tango” in that city. Two extreme factions too to the streets. To me it is a shame that more of them were not injured, because neither side were supporting my values as an American Citizen.

The Alt Right needs someone to oppose them to start a riot. But the Alt Left can start a riot without any opposition. They only need an American Built Building they can attack. Again, for proof, just watch some of the Alt-Left-Media’s coverage of Berkeley and another dozen in recent history. At Berkeley the protests were against one lone conservative-and-gay speaker, not a gang of Nazis. The “armed police” stood on the rooftops, watched massive vandalism and only arrested one (1) individual (maybe he spat on the University’s sidewalk?).

You have lost my vote. You are not a conservative. I believe that you have yielded to the political virus and the mis-labeled democracy that is leading to the destruction of the Constitution, the rule of Law, and this beloved Republic.

Have a good day.

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