It’s Okay to Ask for Help

Recently, I’ve struggled with my pride.

Because I was prideful, I struggled to get B averages through three years of my degree program, because I was convinced that I could do it myself and that my anxiety and depression wasn’t that much of a hindrance.

Because I was prideful, I was afraid of what people would think of me if I told them that I had a documented mental health issue that interfered with my life. I was afraid of the look I might get from my professors when I gave them some of that information or asked for any accommodations.

Because I was prideful, I lied to myself, constantly telling myself in my head that I was a tough gal, former military. Tough girls don’t need to ask for help.

It wasn’t until I reached some breaking points mentally that I finally asked for help. I was prideful and pushed myself to the point of hitting the bottom emotionally, and it’s a long climb back up.

I learned from it, though, and I’m here to tell you — it’s okay to ask for help even if you think it isn’t or you shouldn’t.

I got the accommodations I needed, despite feeling anxious and ashamed that I had to. I’ve started seeing therapists for my depression and anxiety. I changed my medication.

It might be a long climb back up, but seeing just a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel keeps me motivated to keep trying.