An American Socialist’s Open Letter to the Democratic Senate

Dear Democratic Senators,

This is my first attempt at serious political commentary. My hope is to do what all intellectual criticism is intended to do: raise the bar.

As you know, the easiest proof of Trump’s corruption isn’t in the clear collusion between his campaign and the office of Vladimir Putin, but in his personal taxes and the balance sheets of the trust now operated by his sons.

But unfortunately, as you know, the US constitution has a loophole — If a president and Congress are in the same party, the head of state has enormous discretion to safeguard himself from criminal scrutiny. With enough coincidental job vacancies, they could even staff a complicit and partisan Supreme Court majority.

And, as you know, similar events have happened around the world many times over thousands of years and are happening in many places around the world today. In every case, no matter how technologically advanced or better at language that society has become, that new political class is always driven by an ethnically restrictive concept of national identity and tries to manifest that concept through law.

But to immunize society from this phenomenon simply isn’t a thing that humans have yet achieved. In fact, this type of behavior has only been called “racist” for less than 200 years.

The United States Democratic Party, as you know, is the only institution even remotely in a position to do something about it. It had the opportunity to do it in this past midterm cycle and fell pretty short.

Don’t get me wrong, our less homogenous House is a victory to be celebrated. But if we are at least as serious about policy as are the 30,000 pharmaceutical, banking, tobacco, fossil fuel, and health insurance executives for whom it is a commodity, it is not enough.

And even with a darker, gayer, and more female House, it won’t be enough for 2020.

In fact, even with the reasonable forecast of a blue senate in 2020, to believe that any of this is enough is, as a matter of strategy, objectively harmful to the children of the world.

So Democratic Senators, as a 25 year-old college-educated Colombian-American expatriate, a “white-washed” colored businessman in the almost entirely white top 20%, and the son of a poor right-wing extremist immigrant, my recommendation to you as we attempt to give America back to the people is to first look inside yourselves:

  • Before promoting higher and inclusive morals as the foundation of your platform, remind yourself that history still blames the Democratic Party of the 90’s for the most racist landmark policy in millennials’ lifetimes. If you are going to pretend that you don’t know what I’m talking about, remember the 100,000 new police officers and $9 billion in prison investment that Clinton signed into law in 1994. Since then the percentage of incarcerated blacks has skyrocketed and has been met by Bill Clinton on many occasions with public regret.
  • Before prescribing decent policy as the big answer when rallying voters, become aware that the party doesn’t really have the answers. It lost to white supremacy twice in the same decade that Americans elsewhere invented reusable rockets and discovered how to reverse cancer.

Senator Feinstein, Senator Harris, Senator Blumenthal, Senator Booker, Senator Schumer, take this for example: you all (especially Mrs. Harris and Mr. Booker) inspired me during the Kavanaugh saga, yet in the 2016 election you let Hillary Clinton funnel party-owned funds to her campaign before being nominated. Donna Brazile released the evidence two years ago and I still haven’t heard any of you say anything about it or acknowledge that it even happened.

That was corruption guys. I know your hearts are in the right place, but that was corruption.

You’re not fooling young educated progressives, and you’re certainly not fooling the most intense, anxious, and execution-oriented among us who (probably along with some of your children) will be running the world’s institutions in our 40’s and 50's.

Trust me, you will not be our role models no matter how much we agree with your current policy proposals.

Well, actually — there is one of you that will. You all know exactly who I’m talking about, and my hope is for enough of you to realize by now that if the party unifies behind him, we will win.