Why Do Women Wear Sexy Clothes If They Don’t Want Attention?
Emma Lindsay

Jeez, that message you wrote to that person was brutal.

People don’t always know how to express affection or know how their actions affect other people.

The person sounds like they’re totally unaware of how they affected you, and making them aware of it may help them come to the realization of that and change.

That message may received in such conflict with their own perception of their identity that they may lash out in counter to it, or choose to ignore it.

Additionally, this sentence: “I dunno — maybe because you’re unattractive?” is such a blanket statement.

Making the judgment of someone being attractive in an objective way is very subjective. I would add to that sentence “… to me”.

The message of this article, I do empathize with, and it did help me gain some insight to the other side of the coin. Thanks for writing.

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