9 Ways to Start Your Day Right

Each day is a gift from God. It is a moment in time that has never come before and never will come again. What we do in our day, how we act, and how we react to situations and to people, is equally important to how we start our day. Often, we start our day with an agenda — — things to do, people to see, and places to go. But less often do we choose to do certain things that will help jump-start our day. It’s important to get our day off to a good start because how we start our day will determine how the rest of the day goes.

Here are nine ways to start your day right:

1. Have faith. Whatever you believe can and will come to pass. Believe that you can accomplish great things and you can reach your goals, and you will. If you start your day with dread and fear, you’re already on a path to ruin the rest of your day.

2. Pray. God created this day and every day that you have lived. Perhaps, He can tell you a thing or two about what to do and how to do it.

3. Leave yesterday in the past. Yesterday has come and gone. Too many people do not progress in life because they dwell in the events of yesterday. There is nothing you can do to change the past. You cannot live it over. You cannot do it over. Stop regretting and start living today.

4. Pursue purpose. Every day you live is based upon the days that have already passed. Each day should be a passionate pursuit of purpose. Strive to do something great and meaningful, and that will last longer than you.

5. Drop the drama. Make the decision that your day will be free of drama-queens, drama-kings, and drama-filled situations. Steer clear of confusion and chaos. Elimination of drama in your life leads to a peaceful and productive day.

6. Develop a no negativity line. Draw an invisible line in your heart and mind that you will refrain from being negative, talking negatively to yourself and to others, seeing the negative side of every situation, dragging others through negativity, and listening to the negative voices of other people. We all have our problems, but at some point we have to choose to release negative things and embrace what is positive.

7. Set goals. Start your day with a plan and with goals that you want to reach. Your goals will keep you focused, stable, and clear. On your worst days, if you keep your goals front and center in your mind, they will push you and pull you forward.

8. Make choices. You are a unique human being who is able to decide what to do, what you want, and how fast you want it. Begin your day by making the choices necessary to help you progress and advance in life.

9. Adjust your attitude. We don’t feel great everyday but we can choose to feel great, look great, and be great with a little adjustment of the attitude. The right attitude will carry you a very long way. The right attitude can also change situations to turn in your favor, and people like to be around those who live, work, and play with a good attitude.

— — — -

Daniella Whyte is a bestselling author, blogger, and podcaster. She holds a B.S. in Psychology and Religion from Liberty University. Subscribe to her bi-weekly LIFEology newsletter at: www.DaniellaWhyte.com.

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