It rained all day

On your birthday,

And I thought it fitting.

It rained all day

When you met me,

My blonde hair dripping

On the school cafeteria floor.

It rained all day

Every anniversary

And you complained,


About the faulty electricity.

It rained the day

You first kissed me,

On the roof with shingles drying

Humid against my back

And stars overhead Burning.

And it fucking stormed

The day you left me,

Thunder and wind tearing

At my windows

And my adequacy.

Lightning splitting the water main,

Like your greed split me.

It rained and every chance it

Seemed in warning.

But I am not one to read acts of god

In atmospheric pressure bursting over our lives.

No, I can’t sleep until I

Pull back the blinds

And watch the trees bend

To the will of the hand that feeds them.

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