ICYMI — 05.04

Image: Spotify

Wow… I should definitely reconsider if this is will indeed be a morning thing, or maybe I should wake up and write it earlier, or maybe I should just move meetings until late morning. EITHER WAY, this list of stuff you might have missed is getting out… morning or late… late afternoon.

So, tell a friend this afternoon something they don’t know, like;

  1. Yesterday I made not of the somewhat/but not mass exodus of advertisers on YouTube due to some seeing their content feature, via pre-roll or in-content, in non ideal videos. Digiday did a good article explaining it all here.
  2. It’s little secret that I have profound love for Teslas. But, it took me by surprise that the 14 year old company is now worth more than Ford. Yes. With Tesla having a market cap of $47 billion (vs.Ford’s $45 billion) it’s still important to note that Tesla is NOT making money. But, the foundations are there. Autonomous technology is coming, and probably, whilst not market share tomorrow, faster than many think.
  3. Ever heard of Mastodon.social? Me neither. But it grew by 73% in the last 2 days. Don’t try and sign up, that traffic crashed the entire thing.
  4. Finally, do you, like the VTWO crew rely on Spotify to get you in/out/ton-top/below the mood throughout your days? Are you like us and have a paid subscription? If not, you might not like this, with some albums scheduled to be released to paid members before those not parting with a $.