December 2015— Week 1

We live in a world where information is so easily accessible, it’s now hard to consume everything you think you need to know, whilst keeping up with what you need to do. So, earlier this week I sat down and thought I might fill you in on what I found most interesting this week. If you like it, let me know and I’ll TRY to put something like this out every week… if you don’t like it — well… I’m not sure.

Rumours are circling that APPLE are looking to make a future version of the iPhone thinner by removing the headphone jack. As The Verge reports, your ‘new’ headphone jack would be contained within the lightning port. However, there are more questions than answers — i.e. how do I charge my phone AND use my headphones at the same time?

SNAPCHAT released the ability to send stories to friends through Discover. This is a pretty good update for brands if nobody else. It allows users to share brand content between their connections, spreading the relevant brand message. To try it, click on one of the Discover channels up the top of your Stories feed, press and hold on the screen. The content will continue playing, but it will bring up a menu much like when YOU create content. Select whom you want to send it to and off it goes.

The crew at PRODUCT HUNT have done us all a favour and put together a Thanksgiving products list, essentially listing all the products that have made 2015 fantastic. You can read that here.

New LinkedIn UI

LINKEDIN finallyyyyy updated that rubbish, out of date, difficult to use, bad UI/UX app they had for SO LONG. They’ve now got a brilliant, easy to use app that I want to/ have been using this all this week. Essentially, the guys and girls at LinkedIn have come to party and focussed on giving us:

a) The information and updates that we, the users, care about
b) An easy place for the user to see who has viewed our profile, endorsed us
c) Given the user a daily brief of what’s going on, not just with your connections, but people in your area’s of interest
d) A BIG +++ — they’ve updated the messaging feature (big tick)
e) Updated search functions
f) When you download it here (
Android or iOS) you answer a few questions so you get the content you WANT to see.

MPAVILION — Queen Victoria Gardens

If you’re in Melbourne you should consider popping down to the MPavilion. as they say, MPavilion is “…an event hub, a meeting place and an invitation to experiment, each MPavilion brings creative collaborators together to present a free, four-month program of talks, workshops and performances from October to February.”

It has a great range of speakers and collaborators including local coffee crew Three Thousand Thieves.

Finally, if you or someone else is in a bit of a rut with what to do with their lives, see the video below from Steve Jobs. No, it’s not the one of him speaking at a college, but it really highlights out what many people don’t realise… “You can build your own things that other people can use…”

Have a great weekend.


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