Welcome to Monday… and if you’re in Melbourne, it’s a wet one.

Here are some stories you might be interested in;

Facebook released their second quarter earnings last week and they were big, really big. Not only did they add 60 million users, Facebook recorded $6.44 billion in revenue on an estimate of $6.02 billion. Oh, they also have $23 billion in cash so if you’re starting that next social app, hold out for the good offer. Read more here.

Ever been in a Uber where the map suggests a longer route, or even worse doesn’t let the driver find you to be picked up in the first place? Well, Uber are making moves that suggest a fix is in the works. Currently dependent on the Google Maps platforms, Uber are said to be investing around $500 million into building their own mapping platforms.

And that money shouldn’t be hard to find, considering, back in June, they received a nice $3.5 billion investment Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund.

This project also paves the way to Uber driverless cars. Read more from Financial Times here.

The Olympics are only just around the corner, and brands and media are looking for as many ways to extend their reach as possible. As such, NBC Olympics along with Facebook & Instagram are linking up to create a Social Command Centre in Rio. Creating Facebook Live and short-from content to publish on the platforms, follow the @instagram account to keep up-to-date of all the #Rio2016 action.

Did you get a message on WhatsApp in the last 6 or so weeks explaining that your conversations are now end-to-end encrypted? (The answer is yes you did). Encryption has been a big demand for tech companies over the last couple of years, primarily since Edward Snowden disclosed how much people know about you from your internet habits. However, iOS expert Jonathan Zdziarski has found that you can be tracked in other ways… like when you ‘think’ you’ve deleted a message in WhatsApp. Yep, it’s been reported that your deleted messages sort of, ‘linger’ around on your device even after you’ve deleted them. But, it’s not all bad news, as TechCrunch reports.

Update: Ever wondered what President Obama might do once his term ends? Well… CLICK HERE.

And this week’s Pokemon Go update: The Olympic athletes can’t play it…because it hasn’t been released in Brazil yet. Shock, horror.

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