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Another Monday, half-done. Hope you had a fantastic weekend.

Here are some stories you may have missed.

First up, and probably most importantly, if you own an iOS device (iPhone and/or iPad) you really need to update it now. The new software update contains no new features, but it contains a pretty huge and very important security update that was exposed last week. As reported by The Atlantic,

“If exploited correctly, those flaws allow an intruder unprecedented access to an iPhone. They allow attackers to read every email, text message, calendar item, and files saved on the device; peruse photos and videos; listen in on phone calls; track the device’s location: and remotely turn on its microphone and camera. The phone’s owner would have no idea that anything out of the ordinary was going on.”

You can download it over WiFi through the Settings- General — Software Update. Do it straight away.

Twitter have released their #RIO2016 data, with some big numbers. Everything from most mentioned events to most mentioned athletes to highlights. Keep these on record, Tokyo 2020 will blow these metrics out of the water.

Facebook copped some flack for allegedly promoting political bias in their Trending Topics section. Despite denying this, Facebook has laid off up to 18 workers in their Trending team, opting to focus almost entirely on an algorithm to ensure the section is neutral.

These selections will be checked by engineers who will determine if it’s newsworthy. So yeh, it’s sort of the same thing as before really. You can read more about it here

(Image from TechCrunch)

Still on Facebook and if you’re one of the billion users of messaging app WhatsApp, your privacy, or rather the access to your privacy, is about to change. Simply, Facebook (owners of WhatsApp) are looking to mask money off the very popular platform. Essentially, your mobile number, operating system (iOS or Android) and device information will now go from WhatsApp across to Facebook and vice-versa. Now, if you’re up to here and you’re angry about this, I’ll go to my usual rant — you’ve had it for free for so long, you’ll still have it for free, it’s just the way you use it will change. Alas, the UK’s The Information Commissioner has announced it will look into the arrangement.

Real Big Things is an educational lecture morning held every so often by the crew at Hardhat Digital (you should click here for information). Last week one of the presentations was about self-driving cars, and, wow. It’s fascinating. VentureBeat’s article, linked here, talks about how Google are putting a lot of time, and money, into this technology.

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