ICYMI — 04.04

I know I said morning routine but sometimes work gets in the way, ya know!?

Here are a few things to tell you friends…

  1. You may have heard about the marketers and brands backlash against YouTube over the last few weeks due to the platforms positioning of ads on less than desirable content. The Google owned enterprise “[is] working with third-party brand-safety vendors like DoubleVerify and Integral Ad Science to assure marketers that their budgets won’t wind up paying for ads on violent, offensive or otherwise unsavoury content.” Locally, companies like Telstra pulled their advertising, which some analysts say could cost Google up to $750million.
  2. Have you noticed something a little different at the bottom of your Facebook news feed (or top if on Android)? A little rocket like this:

The addition, as reported by TechCrunch “consists of posts, articles, photos and videos from sources you haven’t followed, like Facebook Pages or posts news media organizations, for example.” This might help you discover new content that’s NOT looked at by your mum, dad or grandparents.

3. AOL and Yahoo are being put together under an umbrella brand called OATH. I really don’t know what to make of it, except that the executives at AOL obviously haven’t been to Australia and experienced the term here. Some of the other 20+ brands that will sit under the company include TechCrunch, The Huffington Post and Engadget.

4. Ending today, these Bang & Olufsen speakers are awesome. And they’ll send you broke.