ICYMI — 06.04

  1. Amazon struck a deal with the NFL to stream 10 LIVE games next season for a reported $50 million. Twitter did the same last season, and it was free. This season however, the streamed games will only be available to Amazon Prime members. If you’re interested, read more here. And this article about what it might mean for Twitter is also tops.
  2. Instagram Shopping is coming…. to the US. If you’re in retail, you should start thinking about how your content may change to take advantage of BUY NOW culture. Read the Instagram announcement.
  3. I wrote about the new Facebook Stories feature the other day, and tweeted if anyone had used it. The responses were overwhelmingly ‘no’. And maybe my small sample was actually a greater representation of the worlds use. Facebook has now starting ‘ghosting-out’ your friends up the top, even though they haven’t been posting, to give the effect they’re using the feature.
  4. See ya later television… is now the time we can say that!? YouTube TV. As reported by The Verge “For $35 a month (edt. $USD), subscribers will get access to the four major broadcast networks and a bundle of over 40 cable channels, including key sports properties like ESPN and Fox Sports 1.” Wired also put this together.
Image: The Verge

4. Are you, or do you know a parent who has children that have decided to compile rather amounts of purchase for Apps? Well, Amazon feel for you.

OK, that’s it — thanks for reading, catch you tomorrow.