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As a daily user of Screenhero we have closely watched this upcoming feature in Slack. Today we tried it again and I must say that me and my co-workers were really disappointed as the screen quality when sharing our screens is terrible up to a point where it is almost useless. We use Screenhero on a daily basis while coding software and it feels almost like working locally on your own machine. With the this latest implementation in Slack if feels like you are constantly looking at high compression jpeg animation.

Also there are quite some UX issues as well regarding working full screen. If you maximise the screen during a sharing session and the other party stops sharing you end up with a huge Slack control panel. Screenhero did this much better.

So, please don’t stop supporting Screenhero until you fixed this quality issue. Please please…

Did I say to please not stop supporting Screenhero?

Update: after doing a couple of more sessions with my coworkers we found that, apart from the terrible screen quality, the lag when typing remotely makes pair programming a total frustration.

I’ve been told that Screenhero uses a peer-to-peer kind of communication that’s different from Slack’s approach. But it is a serious step back. I truly wonder why you even considered this approach. I’m afraid that we have to start looking fo an alternative if this is the way to go with Slack.