Image by Felix Mittermeier

ACID can protect against computer hacking

1. You’ve probably been hacked, and you will be hacked again

1.1 At least 2 billion records breached so far in 2019

1.2 The growth rate is exponential, at 30% per year

1.3 A new standard for authentication will be needed

2. Illustration of why cybersecurity is so hard

2.1 Your data exists in multiple forms

2.2 Encrypted does not equal secure

3. What you can do about it today: the ACID framework

3.1 Assume that you have been hacked

3.1.1 Qualify and quantify the negative impact of a full breach

3.1.2 Data is both an asset and a liability

3.2 Change what you need to protect

3.2.1 Question whether the downside risk is worth it

3.2.2 Weigh the tradeoff

3.3. Invest in security policies, threat models, and mechanisms

3.3.1 Policy

3.3.2 Threats

3.3.3 Mechanisms

3.4. Drive a protection first culture

3.4.1 Cybersec is everyone’s responsibility

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