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Without a doubt product research is THE most important part of the import process. Thankfully there are tools like Jungle Scout, it has the potential to dictate the future of your business and the levels of success it will see.

Finding products that sell well in a niche you can compete in is essential to the success of your business. That’s why awesome tools like Jungle Scout are so important.

In this and in this blog post we are going to go deep into product research showing exactly how I do it holding nothing back! …

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A high converting Amazon listing is not just a page that customers go to to check out your product. It’s a tool to present your products in a clear and professional manner that will convert the maximum amount of customers.

This will intern push your listing to the top of the Amazon rankings getting you, even more, customer and sales.

Before setting up an Amazon listing or even just setting up on Amazon you need to understand what the goal is for selling there in the first place.

First-time Buyers

Amazon is a great place to get started when selling in eCommerce and can take your business from nothing into the millions each year. …

So you are learning how to sell on Amazon and have decided that you don’t want to pay for Jungle Scout. Having read the title I’m assuming that you are reading this for one of a few reasons.

The first is that you want to find a product that will sell well on Amazon and make you a lot of money.

The second is that you are on a budget and the expense of product research software like Jungle Scout is not attractive… Or you just want to learn more about product research and the process involved.

Whatever the reason you are in the right place. …

There are many places Amazon top sellers go for inspiration on the next product they’re going to source. But if you are new, where do you start?

The number one question I get, almost on a daily basis, is how do I find a great selling product?Or something similar to that effect. As a result of being asked this so many times, I have become quite good at answering it. The next question that comes almost immediately after is “where can I source these products?” Another totally valid question that would concern any newbie/aspiring online seller.

I was once there too, I didn’t have a clue what I was going to sell or how to do it I just knew I wanted to sell stuff and make money. It makes sense right? Buying something for one price, selling it somewhere else for a higher price and keeping the margin is the oldest and simplest way to make money. Why complicate things? …

The Unique Value Proposition is the value a customer gets from your product.

Whatever it is in the world you’re selling, services to Pizzas, it is the perceived value a customer gets from your product.

For example, when your potential customer is shopping around on Amazon looks at your product and looks at other sellers products. What is it that when they look at your listing, is going to be perceived as more valuable and unique than your competitions.

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The general strategy behind your product and brand, the big picture.

Who are you? What is your brand, logo, general design and feel? …

this post, we are going to look at some examples of private labelling on products, how others are adding massive value to their offerings and how this can be incorporated into building a brand.

By the end of this section, you will see how just private labelling your products and sticking a logo on them can really add a lot of perceived value. It can also put the product in a position to be made into a brand with packaging, marketing, Amazon brand enhanced content and a huge amount of other options available.

When deciding to build a brand around a product it really starts with slapping a logo on the product and often on the packaging. This is a great start and once you have registered your trademark you can get Brand Enhanced Content with Amazon that also adds a lot of perceived value and professional look. …

Learning import negotiation skills might be way down your ‘to learn list’ but it doesn’t need to be. Having the right skills and mindset from the beginning will pay dividends once you gain more experience over time.

This tutorial covers the seven core subjects to good import negotiation skills so next time you are communicating with Chinese suppliers you will be better prepared to get the best possible deal.

Many sellers online, be it Amazon or eCommerce, will always go for the lowest price when communicating with suppliers. This is the obvious choice of negotiation as that is where the bulk of the money will be spent. …

Negotiation is an art that every entrepreneur should have a firm grasp on. Great business deals and offers have been made at the negotiating table or through Alibaba, enabling many firms to grow and thrive. However, like any other art, there are the wrong and the right ways of conducting a successful negotiation.

You should know when to negotiate, what to negotiate on and who to negotiate with. Below are seven deadly mistakes you should avoid during a negotiation:

1. Leaving Money on the Table

A good negotiator invariably looks out for loopholes that they can turn to their advantage. …

Doing what you love will shine through in your brand, your work and how you communicate with customers. In this post, we’ll cover why you should do what you love and illustrate how it will benefit in the long term. We’ll also cover the massive benefits for your customers too.

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Doing what you love gives you passion.

Not only for your work but the passion that you put into your life, products and other offerings. It is also huge for your customers to see when they communicate with you, be it in person or over the internet. …

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In this comprehensive step by step tutorial. I will take you through what it takes and what is involved to find products, import them from China, sell on Amazon and

build an eCommerce business that can be scaled into the millions of dollars every year.

But first, why should you listen to me? and how is this post all of a sudden your saving grace?

Both good questions.

Firstly it isn’t just this blog post that you will need to read and study.

My website is, in essence, a complete course into how to launch and build an eCommerce empire importing from China from anywhere in the world. …

Daniel Guerin

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