Lost in translation? Invitation to address the challenges of interdisciplinary cooperation in the FAT community

  1. Introduction/ short presentations by facilitators
  2. Charting methodological workflows: Participants will document, share, and discuss their usual workflows to analyse algorithmic systems. During that exercise, participants will compare their workflows across disciplines, and compare their experiences with a prototypical AI design workflow.
    Our goal for this exercise is to make different disciplinary workflows visible and to develop a critical design workflow for AI which enables epistemic justice based on different disciplinary experiences. This will be accompanied by brief presentations of these new critical workflows, explaining their logic, their advantages, and the type of questions or tasks that it would be most useful for and where its limitations are.
  3. Translation cartographies: Groups will be invited to reflect on their own interdisciplinary process of critiquing algorithmic models. In this exercise we will surface and discuss the terms and concepts that could assist or inhibit collaborative AI design. As disciplines draw attention to different problems and questions, and frame their entry point to AI in different terms, we will map both the necessary terms as well as contested terms that are important for collaboration. Finally, participants will develop a glossary to accompany the new hybrid workflow.
  4. In a closing plenary we will reflect on what you have learned in the workshop, the thoughts our session has provoked, and how we imagine to put the ideas from the workshop into use.

How can you get engaged?

  • Tell us how you would describe a standard workflow in your discipline. In other words, what are the standard steps that one takes in your discipline to approach and perform a research or design task?
  • Do you have experiences with design processes and formats to facilitate interdisciplinarity around ML? Or would you like to share your experiences how interdisciplinarity has worked for you?




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