Why we don’t do what we should be doing?
Shreya Dalela

I enjoyed this article though I can think of one area that I believe holds people back — the value placed on now vs. later. While the article seems focused on people producing something, ex. art work, I think the value placed on now runs with and through some of these things. I will use a few lifestyle examples: eating vegetables vs. sweets. Most people would have a hard time arguing against the idea that on the whole and from a long-term view, vegetables are better, aka the things we should eat over sweets, aka the thing we should do. It is not a fear of vegetables that holds us back. It is the knowledge that for the time period of chewing them, sweets will taste better. Saving money is very similar. Every long-term savings chart will show consistent savings beats the idea that you will catch-up when you feel you have more money to save. I think that when investing oneself into a significant endeavor, one must think about how much they enjoy the work. If you are only in it for the glory at the end, it is much harder to sustain the effort day after day, in part because there are so many other now-options that will taste/feel better, at least right now.

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