Make Your Marketing Efficient- Keyword Targeting

Underused and underappreciated, this marketing tactic can be the difference between keeping up with the market and taking market share.

Marketing and advertising are ever changing domains that require a constant finger on the pulse to keep up with the technology and mediums used to capture attention. At the rate tech companies and the tools they give us are changing, doing so is becoming increasingly more difficult. Hopefully this series will help you in your business journey by providing ways to not only be effective in your marketing, but efficient as well.

Efficacy is important, but efficiency is key.

Let me start off by saying that Keyword Targeting is NOT Google Ads. Yes, Google Ads serve a great purpose and are critical for capturing lower funnel, in market clients/customers. BUT- Google Ads (affectionately referred to as pay-per-click, or PPC) simply put you at the top of the Google search results for a portion of the searches containing the keywords of your choosing, and can get awfully expensive if run on their own. Many times, you are depending on the person making the search to choose you out of the many other competitors in your market on the one or two searches they do at the very end of their consumer journey- but what about the rest of their research into the product? How about when they are in the interest phase? After all, who clicks on the ads in Google anyway? (joking, its a lot of people)

“Of course it is, Darrell”

Enter Keyword Targeting- a brilliant way for you to serve ads at scale to people engaging with online content related to the keywords of your choosing. A derivative of display advertising, Keyword Targeting combines the best of both worlds with broad reach branding that is also targeted to people researching and engaging with relative content.

How it works

In a nutshell, it works exactly like you think it would- Keyword Targeting serves ads to people who go to websites with keywords and content related to your products/services. As long as the site has an ad widget (which most do), branded ads that you create are served to potential consumers in their native browsing experience. The kicker- the ad follows the person instead of the person having to be in the right place to see the ad. If a potential consumer fits the keyword profile you have created, then they get put in the bucket of people your ad will be served to.

Picture your consumer journey on the last big thing you bought- you probably went to Google and searched the product/service, read a blog about it, looked at those infamous “top 7 widgets in 2021” posts on social media, and maybe did a little more research on the product/service before even looking at which companies sold it. The first half of that consumer journey, before you get a quote/price, is where Keyword Targeting shines.

Keyword Targeting is not exclusive to larger products that require a bunch of research either- people knowingly engage with content around smaller, everyday products/services as well. These people are much more willing to try different brands/companies than you may think, and with the right messaging you can convert them over to become clients/customers of yours.

whatever… you get the point.

Advantages of Keyword Targeting

As a compliment to your current strategy, Keyword Targeting has many advantages that you can leverage including:

  • They are images/videos, not text. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?
  • Your ad isn’t listed amongst your competitors- you get your own ad space shown in their browsing experience.
  • Tens of thousands of quality impressions can be served for a very limited investment. 45,000 ads served anywhere else would cost a small fortune.
  • It gives you the ability to begin to sway a consumer prior to them being ready to make a decision. Brand recognition is a key factor in someone's purchase decision, so breaking that wall down early is critical.
  • They make your PPC ads convert at a higher rate. That brand recognition I just mentioned will have marked impact on the efficacy of your PPC campaign.

In summary- leveraging Keyword Targeting in some capacity is something I recommend every business at least considers in their growth strategy. Most people are NOT ready to make a purchase the first time they search a product or service on the internet, with about half of peoples consumer journeys not starting on a search engine at all. Don’t ignore the pre-purchase journey someone embarks on! Whether it is through your internal marketing department or you use an external 3rd party, inquire about Keyword Targeting as you create your 2022 business roadmap.

I hope that brought you some value! If you or your business would like another set of eyes on your growth strategy and plans to execute that strategy, click below to schedule a free 30 or 60 minute consultation with me. This is a 100% no obligations, no strings attached offering- my goal is to bring you value.

30 minute strategy consult
60 minute strategy consult

I look forward to learning about your business and helping you!




Business Growth Strategist | Analytical Thinker | Passionate Leader | Husband and Dog Dad

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Danny Yelverton

Danny Yelverton

Business Growth Strategist | Analytical Thinker | Passionate Leader | Husband and Dog Dad

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