Another Day at the Walmartsss

So I am a part of a nonprofit org. the life society based out of raleigh, nc. We intermittently try to let the community know we’re here and we focus on single parent families and kids without parents; that is a task easier said than performed. People are leary and rightfully so but when you have prepared yourself accomplish your purpose it’s just territory that needs to negotiated. Anyways, on this day we decided to pique folks interest and try to secure some funding . . . needless to say it was a slow yet productive day. I ain’t get a lot of footage from my t3i but what I did manage to record I put to use and dug up and old beat and married the two. Dameon took the helm and rubbed elbows with the good folks from Carolina! It’s funny to see and hear how the people talk and interact with them only to know that I am cut from that material. I am born and raised here . . . it just makes it easier to approach people.