My Name Up in Leather

Ok so at some point during my life I took pride in the fact that I am an Anderson. I ain’t a fan of my name but I am proud of it so I definitely embrace it in its full lengthy girth Danny C. Anderson Jr. Maybe it’s the aesthetics of how the letters bend and are spaced as if there is a secret recipe to increase my likeability factor. . . lol naw, what I really believe is that I’ve always felt alone, I was never important really and that name allowed me to sort of hide behind it. The name comes across as having more potential than the person it’s designed for. I am a fan of picture shows so I’ve felt like Danny C. Anderson Jr. delineates the tasking of an independent movie director. Or maybe because I know the DNA sponsor I got the name from was respected by his peers unlike me so I use it as a way to provide emphasis on the fact that I am from that same stock. (the letters in DNA can be flipped around to spell DAN . . . and AND lol) At 39 I haven’t mastered myself nor my surroundings but I do know that I am creatively impulsive and I’m an emotional antenna so Danny C. Anderson Jr. doesn’t point to those characteristics as well as an Olu or a Joaquin. I reckon I ought to just add whatever value to the name by my own devices . . . by the way I keep myself as a husband, father, son, friends, the way I think, act, feel, treat my fellow human being, write, perform, etc. . . . Take Danny C. Anderson Jr. for his word, it’s written in leather!