Christmas Cheer — Semi Auto AA-12 for the civilian gun market by December 2018.

With Danny Black

Good designs never die .

The Ol Sledgehammer.

When Max Atchisson designed the AA-12 it was a fully automatic 12-gauge, low-recoil shotgun for military and law enforcement applications.

Breaching a door?

You can just cut a standard residential door in half with this beast.

Clearing a room? Well — Say no more.

Since 1987, Military Police Systems Inc (working closely with Boje Cornils) have made over 100 different refinements to this weapon system.

Cornils has now hooked up with Sol Invictus Arms and plan to release a semi-auto set up of this legendary gun.

A recent press release says this new version if the AA-12 will sport “significant improvements”.

The first release of the new AA-12 to civy street, will be a pre-sale on and then followed by a few weeks later. With a December 2018 delivery, it will be just in time for Christmas, Ho Ho Ho.