In 2017, three of the five costliest hurricanes in U.S. history — Harvey, Irma and Maria — cost an estimated $285 billion dollars worth of damage. People nationwide reached into their pockets and donated goods and money to charities. Houston Texans player J.J. Watt’s fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey relief pulled in $41.6 million — a bit over his goal of $200,000. It was the largest crowd-sourced fundraiser in history. Scammers see this huge flow of money as an opportunity.

Cars on flooded street. Floods affect millions, creating opportunities for scammers to blend in with real victims.

After being slammed with three catastrophic hurricanes in the span of less than a month, people might experience “disaster fatigue” —…

Danny Boice

Trustify CEO | ⚓️ Believer ⚓️ | Father of 5 — all w/ @JenMellon. Trustify makes truth, trust and safety accessible to all via lic. PIs & former intel on-demand

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