Danny Boice Visionary Man — Danny Boice Co-Founder & CEO Of Trustify

About Danny Boice

Danny Boice started Trustify out of his shared experiences with the children Jen was busy saving. As a survivor of both physical and sexual abuse, he has firsthand experience with the very trust, safety, and truth challenges that Trustify addresses every day.

Before Trustify, Danny Boice served as Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) to the US Dept of Health and Human Services, an appointed position during the Obama White House. Working parallel to the White House Conference on Aging, (WHCOA) Danny conceived of new ways to protect vulnerable elderly Americans from fraud.

Prior, Danny Boice founded Speek. Speek’s technology ultimately received patents for initiating phone calls, conference calls and online meetings using a URL or link. Speek exited via M&A when Jive Software (NASDAQ: JIVE) acquired the product and technology while Join. Me / Log Mein (NASDAQ: LOGM) acquired the patent portfolio as part of the transaction.

Danny Boice lives in Washington, DC with his wife Jen Mellon and his five children. They have a sixth child on the way via the adoption of a special needs baby boy from China whom they plan to name Asher — taken from the Old Testament and means happy/blessing, Danny Boice and Jen are Believers and are active in Metro Church in Old Town Alexandria. They also volunteer and give to Martha’s Table, The Campagna Center, Gladney Center for Adoption, The National Cathedral Elementary School (Beauvoir), Holton-Arms, The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

My Brand

My Brand is about Truth, Trust and Safety. I am the CEO of Trustify which helps you protect yourself, your family, and your business. My Personality is Welcoming and Encouraging. I am a Believer (Christian) and am active in my non-denominational Christian Church DC Metro in Washington, DC. I am also very active in social causes and social justice — especially pertaining to child abuse and the safety of children. My goal is to be considered a thought leader and example when it comes to the state of truth, trust and safety in the World. I also seek to be an example of how Believers conduct themselves.

It is important to show that I am less than perfect. I come from humble beginnings and an abusive background. I have made many mistakes in my life — especially in early adulthood. But I am vulnerable sharing those past mistakes in order to help others learn to be trusting and vulnerable themselves. I share my story of redemption and conversion openly and freely.

My Mission Statement

My mission is to educate, inform and inspire others to be honest, vulnerable and trusting. I do this by establishing myself as a thought leader pertaining to the state of truth, trust and safety in the World. I also do this by “eating my own cooking” and openly sharing my own story.