And this is why Medium is losing its way

So I logged on just now, and the “For You” recommendations are:

~ 24 Habits That Will Make You Smarter Every Day
~ Daily Routines of Nikola Tesla, Mozart, Hemingway, Woody Allen, Maya Angelo, van Gogh, Stephen King, and Nabokov
~ 35 Things No-One Told You About Becoming Successful
~ How to Pursue Your Passion and Become Great
~ Pursue Your Ultimate Potential, Anything Less is Not Worthy of Your Time

And on, and on it goes. Now, these articles may be useful (I didn’t read any, I’m just going by the titles). And anyone that puts something into the public domain deserves to be appreciated.

But where’s the originality? Where’s the unique point of view? Is Medium simply a place for listicles and self-betterment?

Remember when it used to be somewhere you’d come for content that truly moved you?

It’s becoming harder to find that kind of content now, which is a shame.

Ev talks about “renewing focus” on Medium as they struggle to find a quality business model.

I know where I’d like to see him and the team renew focus. Though I can’t help but feel it’s too late for that…

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