Each failed expectation is a step in the journey, not the end point

Over on The Friendship Bench, the not-for-profit organization I co-founded with Sam Fiorella and Robert Clarke, Sam shares a personal story on the weight of expectations that are placed on us.

By parents. By teachers. By family. By ourselves.

Often, these expectations crush our ability to meet them, by the sheer weight of the disappointment we’ll cause if the expectations aren’t met.

And this can be dangerous, as it leads to circumstances way beyond our control.

For many kids, it can even lead to the loss of their lives…

Which is why Sam’s message is key:

Failure is not defined as “failing to meet expectations.” Each experience — achieving or failing to achieve expectations — is a step in our life’s journey, not the endpoint. If kids are not taught this valuable life lesson, we’ll continue to lose more kids to depression.

Consider the expectations you place on those that follow in your footsteps.

Consider what it means to not only you, but them.

And consider how important that expectation really is, compared to the well-being of those you love.

Then we can begin to enjoy the journey together.


About The Friendship Bench: This not-for-profit corporation was launched in April 2015 to continue the selfless acts of Lucas Fiorella, a Canadian student who, after suffering from depression in secret for a number of years, took his own life in October 2014. Our 100% volunteer staff work with the school’s faculty, volunteers, students, and community partners to raise funds in order to implement our national mental health program in local schools. Learn more here: https://thefriendshipbench.org/faq/