• Matt Lacey

    Matt Lacey

    I help people create better apps. Also writing a book about it: http://www.mrlacey.com/book

  • Nathan Heskew

    Nathan Heskew

    Sr. web app dev at @tagboard. Six+ years at @microsoft. Had a lil app named @rowiapp. Family guy. Beer, whisky, coffee, outdoor and automobile enthusiast.

  • Jeff Wilcox

    Jeff Wilcox

    I'm a development lead at Microsoft on the open source Azure app platform. Author of 4th & Mayor, a foursquare app. Michigan alum. Opinions are my own.

  • tindie


    21st Century Crafts. Raspberry pi, robots, kits, synths, boards, shields

  • Iszlai Lehel Istvan

    Iszlai Lehel Istvan

    Engineer @ Transferwise. Sci-fi fan. Developer. Craftsman. Distributed Systems. Backend technology

  • Robert Hoenig

    Robert Hoenig

  • Pablo Cosias

    Pablo Cosias

    Programador. Me encanta la Inteligencia Artificial, sobre todo la rama de Visión por Computador. Emprendedor. CTO & Co-founder at @control_ad and @ictuscare.

  • 镰仓


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