Get the model of your iOS device using Xamarin.iOS

On several Xamarin.iOS projects I needed a way to find the current iOS device model the app was running on so put together a handy class. I ended up pushing the code to GitHub and been updating it since 2014 as new devices become available. Jim Bennett mentioned a nuget package would be helpful and submitted a pull request. How cool is that! We pushed the package yesterday and it’s now available on nuget.

Using the package is quite simple, just run:

Install-Package dannycabrera.GetiOSModel

then call Xamarin.iOS.DeviceHardware.Version for the hardware version (ex. iPhone5,3) or Xamarin.iOS.DeviceHardware.Model to return the model name (ex. iPhone 5C GSM).

Once again, thanks for the PR Jim!

Happy Coding.