Printing PDF/Image with UIKit.UIPrint on Xamarin.iOS

Danny Cabrera
Nov 22, 2016 · 1 min read

Had a request to enable printing from an app and dug into UIKit.UIPrint. The two Xamarin examples I came across were printing to a roll-fed AirPrint printer and printing simple text but none printed documents, which is what I needed. Turns out that to print a PDF all I needed was to supply the file path in an NSUrl to PrintingItem and voila!

I created a simple method with two parameters, the frame so we can display a popover view when done on an iPad and the file path pdfOrImageToPrint. With this method I can pass a path to a PDF or Image and let UIPrintInteractionController do the rest.

If you need to print from a UIWebView, UITextView or MKMapView simply replace printer.PrintingItem with printer.PrintFormatter. These three system subclasses offer usable view print formatters so you can do the following:

printer.PrintFormatter = yourWebViewName.ViewPrintFormatter;

printer.PrintFormatter = yourTextViewNameViewPrintFormatter;

printer.PrintFormatter = yourMapViewName.ViewPrintFormatter

Hope this helps someone looking to print files from Xamarin.iOS. Happy Coding!

Danny Cabrera

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