Track Personal Hotspot data usage

See this question asked a lot on forums and wondered the same, how could one track your Personal Hotspot data usage from the iPhone? Some folks rely on the app provided by the Cellular provider but could this be tracked from the iPhone? Yep, and it’s quite simple.

Enabling Personal Hotspot

If your provider/your cellular plan supports Personal Hotspot you’ll see an option in Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot. Here’s a link to Apple’s documentation on how to enable it.

Tracking usage

Head over to Settings > Cellular where it will list the apps that have consumed cellular data and below the app name the amount of data consumed will be displayed.

Weather app data consumption

Personal Hotspot data usage is stored under Settings > Cellular > System Services > Personal Hotspot.

On a few outings my little one wanted to stream Netflix cartoons, watch YouTube videos and play some games so I tracked usage totaling 1.1 GB over several sessions. This is useful if you want to compare it against your Cellular provider bill, especially when it comes to down to overages.

Resetting statistics

Cellular data statistics are stored until you manually reset it. If you want to reset yours just tap “Reset Statistics” at the bottom of the screen.

Hope this advice helps track your data usage.