Handling The CurveBalls Of Life

Life throws curveballs at us whatever chance it gets. It is never smooth, never perfect, and sometimes rough. Does this mean that we falter? No. When we life throws us a curveball, we must be able to duck and move forward. Not allowing fear to take hold and stop us in our tracks.

The fact is we are all fearful of something, and once that fear takes hold, we stop. We become frozen at the moment not moving beyond the fear allowing for whatever was thrown at us to hit us square in the face.

I’ve had to deal with this time and time again throughout my life having a physical disability I was always self-conscious about working out in a gym around other guys who had full use of both of their arms and could lift more than me. I was also self-conscious and afraid of what the other women were working out would think too.

It wasn’t until I stopped thinking so much about everyone else, and started thinking more of myself that I was able to

overcome my obstacle. I took action, and surpassed my fear, therefore moving beyond the curveball that life had thrown at me.

The only way that we will be able to move through fear, and duck every curveball that life throws at us is to take action at the things we want in life. Move beyond your fear. Do the things that you are afraid of doing, just never stop.

Keep on, keeping on, Danny


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