We often go through life saying yes to everything. YES, I want that great job, YES, I want more money, YES, I want that new relationship, YES, I want more freedom! The list goes on and on of all the things that we could be saying yes to, but when should we allow ourselves the permission to say no? When do we just stop saying YES, and start saying NO

Well, first we have to recognize that there are two types of yes’s. The ones that make us feel good, and the ones that don’t. For instance, if you are saying yes to please somebody all of the time for fear of making them upset, this is the

wrong type of yes, and should be stopped immediately, or If you are constantly saying yes to the other person because you are afraid that you might lose them. This YES is another yes that must be stopped. Why? Because if you continue to give into other people’s needs and wants you are disregarding your own.

The other day I was talking to someone who was deathly afraid to say NO to her boss out of fear that he would get mad at her. She didn’t feel well, and wanted to go home, but because he didn’t want her to leave she was afraid to say NO. My advice to her was, say NO to him, and say YES TO YOURSELF.

Self-respect plays a huge role in this when we don’t allow other people to dehumanize who we are, and make us feel less than we can move forward more freely. This self-respect comes from establishing a deep self-love for who you are, and how you choose to allow others to treat you.

Love yourself deeply. Start saying YES to all of the things that you truly want in your life, and give yourself permission to say NO to all of the things that you don’t want into your life.

Keep on keeping on,