One Life

Another day is done, and gone, are you grateful? Did you wake up feeling alive this morning with the air full in your lungs, ready to conquer your day, and live like you were dying? Or did you wake up with your chest constricted, your eyes heavy, and your heart unfulfilled?

We all have one life to live. Why waste a single moment of it dreading what’s to come, or living in your past?

Embrace every moment, good, or bad. The bad moments in life help us appreciate all the good so much more.

Don’t hold a grudge against yourself or someone else. Make peace with your soul.

Speak positive, and think positive even in this negative world that we live in. Let your mind be at peace

Express how you feel, and be truthful to others, but especially to yourself.

Smile as much as you can, even on the days when a smile seems like it is impossible.

Laugh at yourself and make others laugh too. Make your brain happy

Love yourself, even the unlovable parts those are what make you special

Lastly, Love others, that is what makes everyone feel special.

Keep on keeping on,