“The Painting on the Wall” by Your Not-So-Secret Admirer

Even though I may get William-zoned,

I’d still adore you from afar.

Honestly, is it wrong to fall in love,

With such a beautiful work of art?

It’s the energy in your eyes,

The simplicity of your smile,

That makes everything worthwhile.

Or is it the bristles on your brush,

The softness of your touch,

Or am I just thinking too much?

One day you may be bought,

And will no longer linger these walls.

But until then my duty persists,

As I fend off big toes (threats) that grief these halls.

I don’t consider you my best friend, family, or lover;

After all it’s just a title.

You’re beautiful, unique, one of a kind,

And absolutely irreplaceable.

Because in a way, you’re all of the above,

You’re Winnie Qiu, the painting on the wall.

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