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Nov 8, 2017 · 4 min read

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“This is not a Waymo car, Ferris!”*

Good morning squad,

It’s a beautiful day (actually it’s cold as shit now) and things have been happening in the world.

Apple hid $250 billion in offshore accounts (anything to get to $1T valuation), the first transgender person was elected to Virginia’s House of Delegates (hell yeah), and Snapchat’s stock lost 20% of it’s value in 5 minutes yesterday (#shouldhavesoldfor$4billion).

Here’s some other cool stuff going on.

1. It’s Wayyyy-mo’ than we expected by now

This is a huge step towards convincing folks that automated driving technology is sophisticated enough for public use. And that’s the big challenge right now. The longer Waymo can go without causing an accident or running a red light or running a stop sign or running over a demidog in the middle of the road, the better off wheel be (lol).

For now it seems we’ve placed our trust in Google, the almighty overlord of fucking everything. Waymo is light years ahead of any of its competitors. If any of you have ridden in one of Uber’s self-driving vehicles in Pittsburgh, you know they’re the ugly step-child and Google is the way cooler older sister. And it’s going to be up to them to convince mom and dad to extend curfew.

If you geek out about this like I do, here’s a dope video of the cars in action.

2. Same Time Next Year Everyone

These wins are particularly interesting for Dems because this was not necessarily a progressive win, it was a win fueled by moderate suburban conservatives and a pragmatic approach to campaigning. And it’s important for a couple reasons.

Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam is an Army veteran, a physician, and a moderate politically. Also, he’s like one of the most boring people ever to run for office…but that’s neither here nor there. The point is he voted for Bush twice and tends not to be the firebrand of politics that we’ve become accustomed to lately. And suburban voters and minorities bought it.

Northam also won the Virginia Governor’s race after defeating Tom Perriello in the primary. Perriello was favored by progressives and ran on harder stances concerning healthcare and education. The progressive vs. moderate friction in the Democratic party played out as it should — during the primary. When the sun set on the primary and rose on the general, Perriello and many other progressives rallied behind Northam to push him to yesterday’s victory.

One second while I put on my Aaron Sorkin cap…

We are a nation of compromise. Where no side gets all of what they want, but where concessions and commitment to Democracy can produce great ideas and great movements.

Okay I just can’t. Point is, the VA governor’s race was a sign that the Democrats may have learned a thing or two from 2016. Divisiveness gets you nowhere. And that everything in moderation and nothing in excess can actually be a recipe for a healthy outcome.

3. “F***, S***, Son of a B**** Demidogs!” Dustin, watch your mouth…

Did you know… it turns out that the original scripts were written with a shitton (tehe) of expletives, but were removed before production because of pressure from Netflix. When the Duffer Brothers (creators and executive producers) brought the scripts back to the kids, they flipped out and staged a protest. So the producers shot alternate takes — one set with expletives and one set without and showed them to executives. Who then gave the go-ahead. Because swearing just makes Dustin funnier.

Be well and do good work.
- Danny

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