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Oct 11, 2017 · 3 min read

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Hot Take: 2022 — Miracle on Turf?

Good morning squad,

If anyone is looking for a new job, I know some folks who are hiring at the United States Soccer Federation. Even got a hashtag for your job pitch. #MakeUSSoccerDecentAgain. #MUSSDA? Seriously. I’m not even asking for good or great. Just looking for decent. You’re right…I’m just going crazy.

BUT ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! THIS IS BANANAS! Trinidad Was. Already. Out. I repeat. They had no chance of qualifying. WE HAD ONE JOB.

Okay I can’t even.

Here’s some stuff I care way less about in this current moment.

1. Amazon…buy Carl’s Jr. PLEASE.

If you don’t know what or who Carl’s Jr. is — honestly, it’s ambiguous. Apparently, they’re a burger joint of some kind. And they desperately want Amazon to buy them.

Who needs whole foods when you can have fast foods? Carl’s Jr. thinks they can revolutionize food with Amazon. Recently, they took to Twitter to pitch 24 ideas in 24 hours, accompanied by the hashtag #AmazonBuyUs.

Most of the ideas are v questionable, but I actually think they may be on to something with the “Lunch Registry.” It’s a new kind of wedding gift. Instead of buying you and your new bae a bunch of stuff for your kitchen, why not skip the cooking and go straight to the eating?

Because you know what’s better than food? Other people paying for your food.

No word yet on whether homeboy Jeffy B is tantalized by their forwardness.

2. Tillerson…

A recent New Yorker article did a profile of the Secretary of State and there are a few things I think are worth sharing.

First, Tillerson has gone to great lengths to consolidate power around a select group of people. This was his M.O. at Exxon and it makes sense that he would carry it to State. On one hand, governing this way has allowed Tillerson to operate in a chaotic administration and more effectively play the role of caretaker to the President. On the other hand, decision-making is so centralized that the Secretary is unable to keep up with the volume of decision he and his team have to make.

Second, Tillerson is struggling to fill positions. Twenty-one of the twenty-three Assistant Secretary positions — the most senior stations in diplomatic service — have not been filled yet. In some cases, Tillerson’s recommendations have been thwarted by the White House or Congress. In other cases, Tillerson has moved to cut the offices in order to conserve resources. The effect is such that the U.S. is increasingly underrepresented in foreign policy meetings. At a baseline, having a U.S. representative in any cross-national meeting — whether regarding trade policy, nuclear regulation, clean energy, shipping standards — is critical in order to maintain U.S. influence. Without these bodies, relationships fall into repair and the U.S. is unable to maintain the complex diplomatic infrastructure that fuels U.S. influence and power.

Third, with a dearth of direction and representation from the State Department, many countries have begun looking towards Nikki Haley — U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. — for answers. She has now twice rallied unanimous support for tighter sanctions against North Korea. It will be interesting to see how her role evolves in the coming months and years.

3. Did you know…

Humans are actually born with only two fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud sounds.

The fear of falling is an instinct necessary for the survival of many species, and when you hear loud sounds, it often triggers a fight or flight type response. These are evolutionary protective mechanism designed for self-preservation.

All other fears are learned. Spiders, snakes, the dark — these are called natural fears, developed at a young age, influenced by our environment and culture. A young child isn’t automatically scared of spiders, but builds on cues from his parents.

Be well and do good work.


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