Getting an Internship as a Middle Schooler
TJ Horner

I am a non-programming teacher/coach/cheerleader for our Robotics team and I also organize a summer Camp for budding STEM kids. Our Robotics 1 class introduces younger kids to the basics of building robots using Lego Mindstorms. R2 is about learning basic coding through various online resources such as and other game creating apps. R3 is used to introduce upper elementary and middle school kids how to actually program, write code strings and then to program Ev3 to accomplish autonomously various actions in a competition.

Here is my question….I am very limited in my abilities and knowledge of programming and coding. How do I create programs that will help these kids,learn more, do more and become more active in these sorts of activities? I am finding it very difficult to hire teachers/mentors that can help me. What do you suggest?

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