Quick Thoughts on Instagram Stories

  • Improvement to Instagram’s core product: Instagram have deliberately ensured the product is similar enough to Snapchat stories but made it different enough to ensure users have the Instagram experience and have the better more simple user experience
  • Increasing usage: Instagram knows their audience and understand it’s easier to be found (through hashtags, searches and popular feed) and gain direct easy engagement over other platforms, the more engagement the better the experience for users, the real Facebook feed way
  • Instagram wants your attention: Instagram are looking for more content to be created, leading to more engagement, leading to more time on the platform. The more stories views the more engagement, smart cycle
  • Insta(re)fresh: This is a move to refresh Instagram users minds over the decrease in engagement and likes of users updates
  • Snap-what: Instagram does not want to take on Snapchat in a straight dog fight, both products are still essentially very different. 
    Snapchat is for the fun experience and unedited fun with silly tweaks, faces and colours. 
    Instagram is still looking for you to be your best self and will continue to be the glossy magazine / your celebrity self
  • Clear line in the sand: Snapchat will continue with promoting itself as the personal media outlet and encourage users to promote themselves as if it’s their own TV program on their channel(s)
  • Play vanity views game: Instagram have been super smart with the views count for users stories. It also allows users to understand they are being seen without having to know they have to get likes on video or photo uploads
  • Original content play: This is the play for more personal content from Instagram and less borrowing and reposting pictures from others
  • Opportunity: Brands will love the opportunity to tell stories and gain more attention of their top products and take the opportunity to promote their talent/athletes especially with large sporting events in coming weeks
  • Core positioning: The positioning of stories is fascinating, it is unusual such a successful app would allow vital real estate to be taken over by a brand new feature
  • Move towards live?: With Facebook live being pivotal for Facebook, this will be a sampler for many people into living their lives or moments through stories. 
    Instagram gains a crazy amount of engagement if you have the affinity with your audience and this could be the move towards Instagram introducing live video and becoming a destination for any personal content
  • Influencer: Instagram has often been an influencer hub and this makes Instagram more of the single hub of choice and removes the requirement to cross pollinate their audience with too many messages

Let’s watch this space and what comes next in Instagram story and how users start looking at how they use Snapchat vs Instagram, this is only round one but a 10–9 win for Instagram for now.