Don’t expect Kenny Beats to slow down anytime soon

Kenny Beats (Right) and Rico Nasty (Left) have made a lot of music together. Their joint album, ‘Anger Management’ came out April 25, 2019

When learning about the successful careers of many important figures in our society today, one element is usually apparent: timing. Malcolm Gladwell shares a similar observation in his book, Outliers. The book describes how chance and circumstance play an integral role in the success of some of the most prominent figures in recent history. Since the global pandemic started, many observe the situation as a disaster for a variety of valid reasons. However, some have flipped the script and identified an opportunity. A conversation with a friend gave me my first…

Is there a reason why artists are still sticking to the traditional model?

When music sales started to fall at the mercy of music piracy, the meet & greet (M&G) became increasingly prevalent among artists of all sizes. To make up for lost revenue, artists could charge more for an M&G ticket that typically gives fans a combination of a photo with the artist, memorabilia and early access. With more money in the artist’s pocket and a unique experience delivered to fans, it was a win-win. Currently, M&G tickets are strikingly similar to that of the experience a decade ago…


Jessie Reyez (Middle) with ItsTheReal. Jeff Rosenthal (Left) and Eric Rosenthal (Right)

What was your first introduction to the artists that make up your Spotify playlists? Well, my introduction to Jessie Reyez came from an interview with ItsTheReal. “Yo, it’s Jessie Reyez aka Pine-sized Colombian thug”. I was drawn to her confidence, thoughtfulness and ability to remain unapologetically authentic throughout all one hour and fifteen minutes of that interview. Her music gave me a similar feeling — The confidence and struggle of Toronto with a palpable Colombian flavour. I instantly became a fan that day.

Later that week an interview between Tom Powers (CBC Radio’s Q) and Jessie showed up on my…

Danny Desatnik

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