Two Superpowers We Wish We Had
Melinda Gates

It sounds nice and all but it also sounds like playing God. This is a pretty broad statement. I’m only stating the fact that just because some other civilizations don’t live like us, doesn’t neccesarily make it wrong. World class billionaires don’t need to travel to all parts of the world to fix third world problems when they can’t even fix the problems we have in the country they were born and raised in. And charter schools weren’t a very good answer to our educational system but have further conflicted where our tax payer money is going to. I’m not totally against these schools but they should only be classified as private. I just see a lot of billionaire baby sitting and not a lot of real solutions. It’s time to actually do some scientific studies rather than just thinking that Melinda or Bill know all the right answers from their one time personal experiences with a culture. #superpowerforgood

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