Politics are crazy in America. It gets downright ugly each and every day that leads us to that first Tuesday in November. There are a lot of passionate ideas that we are feeling in terms of picking our president. One of those ideas is the thought of picking the LESSER OF TWO EVILS.

Ever since I was old enough to vote I’ve heard that phrase thrown out. It’s the understanding that we choose the person with the most like-minded ideologies. This thought process is getting extremely old for me.

The first disturbing incident that comes to mind in this election season is the fact that in the Democratic primaries the establishment has preemptively chosen their candidate.

Yes, I am pretty high-strung on making Bernie Sanders our candidate. I have been following him for a decade now and have always agreed with his ideas and his politics.

Let’s put that all to the side for now as I make a better argument for choosing who I decide to vote for.

If I was to look at the world as an outsider, maybe as a person who lived in a different country, and I just happened to poke my head inside the United States’ political system I would see some red flags immediately. The fact that Donald Trump is a popular candidate for the Republican party would simply baffle me. This is a guy who came from a rich family, and yet, has huge popularity from folks who come from absolutely nothing. He’s bankrupted four companies, leaving his employees in disarray, and yet people still think he is the right choice. The other contenders for the GOP nomination are such a joke that they actually make him seem like a viable candidate. Ted Cruz is a religious nut, Ben Carson somehow works on brains and yet doesn’t understand evolution, and the rest of the bunch is horrendously oblivious to the problems that real Americans face.

Now we bring in Hillary Clinton as the Democratic frontrunner and she seems pretty amazing compared to all those loons on the Right, right? Does she have experience? Of course. She was the first lady, a U.S. senator, and the Secretary of State. She is a lawyer and has been focused on law and politics her entire adult life. The problem with her experience is that it sounds like the resume of a Republican nominee. She worked for Monsanto and Wal-mart, she backed a crime bill that disproportionately put minorities into prison, she only became pro-gay rights a couple of years ago, and the many other countless discrepancies that I, as a progressive, would call into question when it comes to the general election. Needless to say, if she was running as a Republican nominee she would most certainly be the most qualified.

There’s just one problem: She’s a Democrat.

Bernie Sanders is not God. Some pundits think his supporters treat him as some sort of messiah. Here’s the thing though — we really don’t expect him to save the world. We just see a really strong presidential candidate.

Mr. Sanders stands at the middle ground of what our citizens want in a leader. He hasn’t lived in the White House yet (like one of our candidates) and he doesn’t own a building with his name on it. He doesn’t want this country to be a Christian country ( or a Jewish or Muslim country either), He wants it to be a free country. He’s been a mayor, a congressman, and a Senator for around forty years and his constituents approve of him greatly. Whether you like his ideas or not, he’s been consistent his entire career.

Now when it comes to picking the lesser of two evils there is a huge amount of people who are sick of hearing this statement over and over. Election season is never pretty but usually Democrats are friendly and diplomatic with their opponents, as to not sway voters away from the one who will become their final candidate. This would imply that we want to see fair caucuses and primaries. This has not been the case in 2016.

Now, how many instances do I have to show to prove that I’m not stating some sort of conspiracy theory? There are hundreds of articles that show that election fraud has been rampant during the Democratic primaries. The seemingly liberal media chooses not to cover these investigations thoroughly. It’s so obviously abundant that I’m sick to my stomach trying to tell my friends and family, via social media and in person, of how rigged this year’s primaries are. Many boards of election have been sued and hundreds of lawsuit have been put into motion. These are not people who are mad that Bernie Sanders isn’t winning; They are furious that they are not even included in the election process. This type of disenfranchisement is a stigma that most people will never forget.

My biggest issue with Hillary isn’t her record or her resume, it’s the pure fact that she has not said a word about the skewed primary results. Whether, its New York or Arizona, she takes the victory so smugly without any concern of the people who could potentially vote for her in Novemver. People don’t forget that.

There are long standing Democrats who feel Bernie supporters are overtly passionate. They forget that this is what won Barack Obama the presidency in 2008. They don’t understand that her unwillingness to recongnize these probelms may be they very thing that loses her the general election if she is to get nominated.

This trickery with these Super delegates, the well funded super PACs, the potential election fraud, and her media takeover may help her win the Donkey’s nomination but will not help her in becoming the next President. The independents, libertarians, undecideds, and doubtful Republicans aren’t moving any closer to her side as they see her becoming more of a puppet and less of a person. In fact, in polls she is considered less trustworthy than Donald Trump. Is that something the Democratic party is willing to risk as they kick Bernie out of the race?

Is there a remote chance that I will vote for Hillary come November? Sure, but as of now she will have to win that vote from me. Unfortunately for her, she has already lost the great young minds who see her as an establishment figure. She has lost many progressives who fought to bring back the New Deal-era. Her social platform is middle ground if anything.

Basically, she has a lot of work to do until people believe she is truly the lesser of two evils.