I don’t know where this picture comes from. I just know the emotion I felt when I saw it. When we were children, our eyes were so wide open that nothing scared us. Our minds were enabled to think the greatest thoughts we could ever imagine. It was only after time that we were taught ugliness, prejudice, and betrayal.

When we were this young we saw every moment as a new surprise in which our little beating hearts had never witnessed before. Of course, as the years went by, we were introduced to sadness and all the other obstacles of life. Those should have been the instances that made us stronger. They should have been the problems that we solved and not the problems that we hid from.

We would be better off if we were to talk and to debate, rather than to fight and to kill. I could not have ever imagined that in this new century, this new millennium, that we would still be struggling with these petty circumstances. We are supposed to represent the first world, not the downfall of human civilization.

In this picture, I see a little boy or girl, whom, despite what the entire adult world is screaming at them, only sees a pretty cool shield. Everything else is unimportant. Maybe we should start seeing things through our children’s eyes before we rely on our old, cranky, belief system.

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