Announcing the release of Blush Messenger

Eight months is eternity in Internet time, but when you come up with an idea, the arc of its life is unknown; it could be frozen on a sticky note forever, or forgotten after it fails to coalesce into something material, or — as in this particular case—it can take you from hackathon to App Store in 250 days.

Blush started as a simple idea: what if you could see your friends as they read your words?

In real life this doesn’t happen as much as you’d think. Perhaps when passing a note in class. …

On the heels of indie dev community’s collective hand-wringing over the commoditization of iOS app development (well-summarized in Marco Arment’s App Rot post), I thought I’d strike a different tone.

This is a good thing.

Understanding why requires a bit of background: in 2003 I started Mesa Dynamics, and began to release shareware for the Mac. My titles were varied, but I had the good fortune of finding niches that allowed me to earn a respectable income. …

A modern-day koan for entrepreneurs

Three pupils arrive at a frayed rope tied across a deep chasm on the way to enlightenment.

A monkey calls down from a nearby tree: “And what is your fate?”

The first pupil replies “I will surely succeed,” but panics while crossing and falls into the abyss.

The second pupil replies “I will surely fail,” and panics while crossing and falls into the abyss.

The third pupil replies “I cannot know, so let us see,” and crosses to the other side with ease.

Even simpler.


Yo is a new programming language inspired by the recent runaway successes of the Yo app and the Swift programming language.

Modern languages, though powerful, can be monolithic in scope—the Swift Programming Language clocks in at over 1000 pages! When I sat down to develop Yo, my goal was to insure its guide could fit inside a smartly edited tweet.

Clearly I failed.

But thanks to the folks at Medium, I found a happy medium at Medium which is not only named appropriately — not too large, and not too small—but also rhymes with tedium, which you certainly will not…

One week ago I left my job.

I am pouring coffee alone in my kitchen, barista nowhere to be seen, in awe of how gracefully life swivels as the rails of structure sink away and your wheels are allowed to carve left or right.

I am reminding myself that this is a choice and that having one is a privilege. Of selling my last startup. Of continuing on with the acquiring company for twenty-five months until liberty, waiting at the finish, is handing me this cup of coffee.

I am pondering a new idea, which…

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stanford memorial church / danny espinoza

As I was walking down the street in SoMa at lunch I spied something a bit off. In San Francisco, where the unusual is usual, the bar for double-takes is set laughably high. But the sight ahead of me cleared it easily: four people seated at an outdoor café, heads bowed solemnly, in collective prayer in front of their yet untouched salads and sandwiches. As I approached, I was pretty sure their hands were joined together under the table, and this immediately brought to mind to a dinner years ago at the home of a former boss.

Now, I am…

Danny Espinoza

Founder @looksyvideo

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