Do you blush?

Announcing the release of Blush Messenger

Danny Espinoza
Oct 29, 2014 · 2 min read

Eight months is eternity in Internet time, but when you come up with an idea, the arc of its life is unknown; it could be frozen on a sticky note forever, or forgotten after it fails to coalesce into something material, or — as in this particular case—it can take you from hackathon to App Store in 250 days.

Blush started as a simple idea: what if you could see your friends as they read your words?

In real life this doesn’t happen as much as you’d think. Perhaps when passing a note in class. Or watching from accross the table as a special someone reads your Hallmark card.

But there is something so human about seeing a friend smile, laugh or even blush; especially in response to something you’ve said, done, or written.

And—in adding a little bit of humanity to a medium that has been labeled impersonal—a messaging app for mobile devices that took advantage of the ever-present front camera made sense to us.

And it made sense to the judges too, as Blush took home two awards at that hackathon in February.

That validation set in motion so many dominoes, toppling towards this day: forming the company, building a team, designing and crafting and developing a product that in hindsight seems to have written itself.

If you have an Apple device, then we’d love for you to download Blush and tell us what you think. Any feedback we receive as we embark on the rest of this journey will help make the next eight months sail by.

We can’t wait to see what happens.

    Danny Espinoza

    Written by

    Founder @looksyvideo