Why Are Bernie Sanders’ Supporters So Rude?
Patty Jane

I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter almost 70 years of age, raising two young grandchildren and loving what Bernie Sanders has stood for all his life and the fact that he’s expanded that care over the years. I’m very impressed with the fact that Bernie has refused to run a negative campaign and also that he refuses to acknowledge those who opt for negativity. Regardless of the untruths thrown at him, Bernie continues to stand tall and strong, stays with the message he works so hard to get across, shows people what a great leader he is by setting the example for them and raising the bar high! Bernie has purposely had no Super Paqs, every penny of his campaign money has come from folks like myself, retired or working class, none of us mega millionaires, simply people who care and want to see this become a better world for our younger generation! I pray that everyone will get out there and keep that bar raised for Bernie, help folks get registered, take them to their polling place so they can cast their votes, work on fund raisers for Bernie, phone bank for Bernie… just get out there, set a great example, tell folks about our man and Rock That Boat for the Bernster!!!!

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