I am officially 25. A quarter of my life lived and behind me. It went by relatively quick — a lot quicker than young me would’ve thought. Often times when we hit a numerical milestone like this one we will try to sum up the meaning of it. It frequently leads to questions of who’ve we become, whether we’re happy with that, our role in society and even the metaphysical inquiry of our own existence. Who and how do we see ourselves relative to the world is a good one too.

All those questions derive from one fundamental inquiry —…

Mount Diablo, California

As I get older and hopefully wiser, I begin to think a lot about the philosophical foundation that people knowingly or unknowingly live by. The sort of foundation that influences how we see, think and react to the world is something that we often don’t question because it comes naturally — but it is nevertheless interesting.

The perspectives we all individually hold are all different. Even the perception we have of ourselves varies relative to how others perceive us. Similarly, there are no two people in the world that views you the exact same. And I find that fascinating.


Yesterday my dad would’ve turned 61. It’s been 6 years since he passed away but it never really got easier. It’s a tough reality to accept. The only thing that is supposed to make you feel better is the idea that he’s in a better place now and that he’s watching over you and although that suffices some odd emotional bs emptiness inside, I would much rather have him here in person.

But that’s not possible anymore.

I lost him when I was a senior in high school. At the age of 17, nothing was ever absolute in my life…

It’s been over a year since we sold our startup and it’s been an interesting time returning back to normal life. Whether it was the chaotic fun of running a team or the fact that we were the sole dictators of our fate, I definitely miss it — and at the same time, glad it is a chapter closed.

me looking at some decent landscape and being overly dramatic

Not many people talk about it but running a company gets pretty lonely. The feeling of guilt followed me on the daily. The idea that every individual’s fate on the team was dependent on the decisions I made was something that…

I believe that the desire and urgency to make an impact is something that many of us have on our to-do list. We fantasize over the idea of building something that changes the world — because that validates our legacy of being one who helped move humanity forward.

We dream of the possibility of one day stumbling upon something that propels into something greater. While we accept that we are only temporary beings and not immortal, we like the idea of being part of building something bigger than ourselves — with hopes that it’ll live on even after us.


I try to have daily calls with my mom for the last 6 years I’ve been away from home. I just got off the phone with her and we teared up a bit in the end. I’m in San Francisco and she’s back home in Canada. We often forget that when we choose to migrate to different parts of the world for better opportunities, we also sacrifice the time we get to spend with our loved ones. …

Question asked on Quora:

I went to my first hackathon as what you would call a newbie developer roughly 2 years ago but it felt just like yesterday.

My First Hackathon Ever: Workstation @ Hack The North

I was super:


I didn’t really know what a hackathon entailed so I was pretty nervous about spending 36 hours in a confined space with people I didn’t know. I was lucky that a buddy brought me along so I wasn’t so much in the dark so I definitely recommend that. Expect to be anxious for the first time. Take it all in. Let your eyes wonder and grasp the amount of cool tech and…

Question asked on Quora: http://qr.ae/RU5t4j

How can you persevere studying 50–60 hours per week through 4 years of college without getting burnt out?

Alright, so being a student that definitely got burnt out in the past — I think I can give a few pointers.

So let’s just say, you want to study 60 hours per week and assuming you are not a robot — you’ll have one day off thus you want to study for 10 hours per day.

Now lets do some math: (Per day basis)

  • 6 hours to sleep (can definitely survive with less)
  • 2 hours to eat (sum of breakfast, lunch, and dinner + occasional snack time)
  • 1 hour of commute (walking to class…

So someone on Quora asked: How “good” must you be to effectively participate in a hackathon? http://qr.ae/RO9Dqg

So looking at your languages of choice — you’re a web guy. But before we get into any of that, I’ll answer your more general question; how “good” must you be to participate (effectively) in a hackathon.

The answer is you actually don’t have to be very effective. Even though, many of the hackathon hackers you hear about that are winning and sh*t were probably once really shitty developers or still are (not all, but a good amount). I’ve met a ton of…

Question answered on Quora: http://qr.ae/ROPhDJ

With a few wins under my belt, a lot of people have asked me for tips and tricks and possible “hackathon secrets.” So here it is. I’ll try to keep it short and simple.

To give you a little background about me — I am in no way the best programmer and prior to my journey in hackathons, I actually never really made anything worth mentioning except a horse racing game on Turing (yeah, the oldest language in the book) but even then, that was in grade 11 and my buddy that sat beside me…

Danny Eng

Being curious and making people laugh. Product Manager at Credit Karma. Previously at EA, NVIDIA and Y Media Labs. www.dannyeng.ca

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