The Art of Transparency: Why We Joined The Open Startup Movement

Muzeek joins Baremetrics and The “Open Startup” Initiative.

What a fascinating time-period to live in.

I think one of the most interesting components of the digital age is our generation’s idea of “business” and what it actually means to serve a community willing to fork out their hard-earned money for your product or service. Gone are the days of smoke-n-mirror marketing persuasion; you’d better be damn good at providing quality stuff, or you won’t be around long.

Every dollar counts for something, and now more than ever, companies are supported by their customers based almost entirely on merit. The “value” of every product or service is currently in proverbial Check - from banks and car companies, to tech startups and the media.

It takes just one click for even the most passionate of customers to abandon ship and rally people to follow suit.

This is especially true in the music industry, where contract feuds and missing money is all too common. The industry as a whole is still equalizing from the Internet’s evolution, and everyone’s individual role is being held more accountable as a result of teams becoming much more lean, collaborative and transparent. Reputation is more important than ever.

That includes the tech-companies themselves.

Today we’ve joined the “Open Startups” movement with our friends over at Baremetrics. It’s really an incredible group of people and startups who, above all else, believe in transparency for customers, investors, respective industries and, often times, even “competition.”

Anyone can view Muzeek’s financial metrics dashboard in real-time, here:

June, 2015
June, 2015

It’s funny reading Josh’s original blog post about him making Baremetrics’ own financials public — all of the original “risks” about what would happen as a result are interesting to read, over a year later. From what I’ve followed personally, it’s been awesome to watch everything evolve — from being a fan of the company, to using it for Muzeek, to now contributing as a part of the movement itself. I’ve learned so much from observing and hope to keep learning more and more as we grow.

We’re super stoked to be a part of the Open Startups Initiative and want to make sure Muzeek is not only transparent with the music industry we’re providing a service for, but held accountable for our product’s value. After all, we’re in business to be useful and help contribute to the industry.

We look forward to what’s to come!

Founder | Muzeek