What a country of Uncle Toms men have become.

Who did you call dumb?!

Michael, I never said I was dumb, I said stupid. It was a reference to Trump using the word “stupid” repeatedly during the election to the point that I am uncertain what stupid means. My theory is that we all might be stupid but that is just a theory. I stand by my account of my thoughts and actions during the mind-numbing election cycle. I also remain confident that Hillary Clinton would have been a great president of the United States. Thanks for weighing in on the post.

Charlotte Hanigan Check out this story: a woman named Kim in San Francisco read this post and emailed me saying she wants to be #45. I wrote back saying if she is in DC Jan 21st then I will photograph her for the project. Kim replied that she does plan to attend the March on DC and we have exchanged contact information.

Joshua Sanders I am pro fellatio in all its forms if between consenting adults.