How many apps do I really use?

My friend Yariv Lissauer told me yesterday that people only use about 15–20 apps on their phone and that’s why it’s extremely hard to bring a new app into the market…

So, I’ve decided to analyze my personal usage and maybe to learn about my habits and addictions this way :)

I wanted to know also how many of those apps I am using daily (DAU), weekly (WAU), monthly (MAU) and just few times a year (but less than once a month — I don't know if there’s an acronym for that)

Its also interesting because this is how App publishers count me in their stats

Here is what I use Daily:

  1. Waze — Cant live without it! every time I drive it is my best friend
  2. Endomondo — my exercise partner
  3. Pocket — Great App I had discovered recently to save everything I want to read at a later time from all places
  4. Ynet — Israel daily news in a more populist way
  5. Haaretz- Israel daily news in a more serious way
  6. Calcalist- economic news in Hebrew
  7. TheMarker- economic news in Hebrew
  8. Economist- its been almost 10 years that I am reading it
  9. Dropbox — all my life is there
  10. Google Drive- use it for collaborating on docs with colleagues
  11. Google Play Music — Rdio shut down so here is where I listen to streaming music nowadays (after trying Pandora for some time)
  12. Google Photos — finally a great solution for one place for photos from everywhere
  13. Camera — probably not every day but almost every day
  14. Evernote — my main productivity tool. I write summaries and action items after every meeting
  15. Facebook — well, no need to explain
  16. Facebook Messenger — some people prefer to communicate this way. Personally I prefer WhatsApp
  17. WhatsApp — no explanations here either
  18. Gmail — mail is still the main work tool
  19. Google Calendar — if I lose this one I won’t know where to go anymore
  20. Google Chrome —the best browser
  21. Text messaging App — some people still use this archaic thing
  22. Phone — Remember the times when this was the main use for a phone?
  23. Google Contacts- the one place where all my contacts are
  24. LinkedIn — anything business networking related
  25. Twitter- I try to find interesting curated reading materials here (and then I save them to Pocket if there is no time to read)
  26. Trello — my Task manager of choice


  1. Google Maps — I use it mainly for navigation when I walk or use public transportation
  2. Gett — the best app to get a taxi in Tel Aviv
  3. Uber — the best app to get a taxi in the US and when Gett does not work well in Tel Aviv
  4. Israel Train — about once a week I use the train to get to work
  5. Pango — mobile parking metering
  6. Coursera — I try to be in a middle of a course in any given time
  7. Khan Academy — one of the best non profit education project ever
  8. Amazon Kindle — in the last couple years I moved almost completely to read eBooks
  9. Google Fit — when I remember to check if I get to my goal of 5,000 steps a day
  10. Withings — I bought this connected scale and I check my weight but the diet isn't successful yet :)
  11. Windfinder — I check the wind forecast here for kite surfing
  12. SeekingAlpha- this is where I track my stock portfolio (interesting and some weird people are posting there)
  13. Medium — here I keep this blog of mine (just started couple months ago)
  14. feedly — I get the feed here of all the blogs I am trying to keep track of (about 20) — its better than what google reader used to be
  15. One — sports news in Hebrew
  16. NYTimes — second best after the Economist
  17. CNN — not a big fan of their opinions but try to keep an open mind
  18. BBC News — good news source on Europe
  19. Clock — Mainly for Alarm clock
  20. Settings — operating hot spots, connecting to WiFi, System updates, etc…
  21. Calculator — remember the time you had a Casio calculator?
  22. Weather Bug — When weather is an issue
  23. Sonos — I operate my Sonos WiFi speakers with it
  24. Netflix — Stream movies and TV shows (not enough content in Israel though)
  25. YouTube — mainly to have my baby girl (1.5 years) give me some quite time
  26. SoundCloud — I use this to listen to podcasts when I am running in the gym. I hear lately that they might shut down unfortunately


  1. Bank Igud — my bank account in Israel
  2. Bank of America — my bank account in the US
  3. Scottrade — my stock portfolio trading platform
  4. Play Store — new apps to download
  5. Instagram — from time to time I open to see interesting pictures. most of the time I just use Facebook.
  6. Google Hangouts — video conference calls
  7. Meetup — register and follow good meetups around town
  8. Skype — I use it mainly for voice conference calls or to call from abroad
  9. Google Authenticator — I use it for double authentication purposes of sensitive information apps such as Evernote
  10. Authy — same as the google Authenticator but for couple other apps such as coinbase
  11. Drippler — good content curation for technology and specifically my smartphone (currently the Nexus 6P)

Few Times a year:

  1. GoPro — when I use my camera while surfing
  2. CoinBase — my Bitcoin wallet
  3. Credit Karma — checking my credit score when they remind me to actually do it
  4. Bizzabo — I use it at conferences (mainly in Israel)
  5. Amazon — solving most of my eCommerce needs
  6. Starbucks — one of the best retail apps out there
  7. Dominos Pizza — when its raining
  8. Zillow — when looking for real estate in the US
  9. Touch Lock — sometimes when I want my daughter to watch YouTube without messing with the phone’s screen
  10. True Key — keep all my passwords in one place
  11. Barcode Scanner — this bar-code things always feels old school
  12. Moovit — great app for public transportation route planning
  13. Fly Delta — my favorite airline
  14. Expedia — my favorite travel agent
  15. Booking — mainly for hotels
  16. Kayak — in rare occasions I get better prices when travelling
  17. Trip Adviser — great place for advice on restaurants and other places
  18. NYC Subway — twice a year when I am in NYC
  19. Hotel Tonight — when I need a last minute hotel, I can grab great deals here
  20. VLC — provide the ability to open almost any kind of video format
  21. Duolingo — I learn Spanish using this awesome app
  22. eventBrite — tickets to many events are being saved here

I tried Snapchat, Slack, Yelp and Pinterest for some time but eventually removed them and there was a time I played some games on my phone but removed them also…

Few conclusions from this analysis:

  1. Google is totally and unquestionably controlling my life (Android, Email, Contacts, Calendar, Web browsing, Maps, Photos, Documents, Music, Video discovery, video conferencing, Fitness and more…)
  2. I use 26 apps daily, 26 weekly, 11 monthly and 22 few times a year for a total of 85 Apps!. So I suppose there is still room here for new use cases cause who would have thought few years back that this is how we are going to live.
  3. Most of the apps were downloaded for free (if not all of them). 6 of them are able to monetize me as a monthly subscriber (Dropbox, Google Drive, Google music, Endomondo, Economist, Netflix). 13 of them are able to monetize me on a transaction basis (Gett, Uber, Pango, Amazon, Kindle, Expedia, Delta, Kayak, Scottrade, Skype, Amazon, Starbucks, Dominos Pizza) and the rest of them probably never saw and will never see a dime from me which makes me wonder what is the sustainability of all of them (many has different type of premium users than me and some use advertising as a business model but it is still a big question)

That’s it for now… it was a great exercise but kind of tiring

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