If you’ve ever been to or even near a gym odds are you’ve seen someone toting around a gallon jug of water.

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We get it, you hydrate

I admit I used to be one of them until I switched to a re-usable water bottle (you’re welcome, ocean).

As someone who treats his water bottle with the same anxiety and reverence as Linus’ safety blanket I thought I knew a good bit about hydration. My bathroom trips account for a third of my daily step count and I drive my fiancé absolutely crazy on any prolonged car trip.

I knew what most people knew: The body is roughly 60% water, you should drink 8–12 glasses of water a day, your pee should be clear and if it’s dark you’re dehydrated.
It turns out that as with most things in life hydration isn’t quite that simple and once I started digging into it I realized how little I actually knew. …


Danny Hirtler

Danny Hirtler is a Personal Trainer and Triathlon Coach living in Atlanta, GA.