Why Reading This Article Won’t Help You Become a Better Entrepreneur
Gary Vaynerchuk

I had a downer today — yet I still gave all I had worked for more than 10+ hours and got important stuff done.

Where there moments I wanted to stop and pretend? Of course. Many. How I kept it together? I don’t even know … I just pushed through it — with as little self-pity as possible because I chose to do and accept that there are downers.

Once a week, it happens.

It’s normal.

Still I get up and do.

I admit, however, learning to love the losing game is hard! Gary Vaynerchuk how do we learn it?

It might be my German nature of trying to be too perfect — though I know rationally there is no such thing, yet emotionally it’s a different story!

My next step is LEARNING to LOVE LOSING (#LLL). Learn. Improve. Test. Measure. Learn. Build. Move on. Grow. Build a business. And along the journey, be fine with people laughing at me.

Please laugh at me because the quicker I will learn to lose! That’s why I get up t.o.m.o.r.r.o.w. — now more pumped than before!

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